The page for foreigners

Period  23 June 〜 18 August
Charge  Adult      1900 yen

 Child      1500 yen   ←  Service same as an adult
          1200 yen   ←  1-person can pick up 1-peach ( Take out ) + All-you-can-eat
           700 yen   Primary school   ←  All-you-can-eat     No picking
           500 yen   Kindergarten     ←  All-you-can-eat     No picking

 Small child   No charge                ←  eat only
Contents  ・ 1-person can pick up 1-peach
   1-person can take out 2-peach in total
  1-peach which is prepared before


 ・ All-you-can-eat

          *) Adult peach picking  → Shift →  Child peach picking  ・・・ OK
Address  〒649−7151 

 When coming by a car,
 Please set the following to car navigation ( car GPS ).

   蟻通神社 : The telephone number of Aritoshi Shrine = 

            From Aritoshi Shrine to 50 m

 When coming by train,

    JR笠田駅 : On foot-from
JR Kaseda Station About 30 min

  From Kansai International Airport, it is a car and is about 70 minutes.

 高野山 奥之院
  To Koyasan Okunoin of a tourist resort (world heritage), it is a car and is about 30 minutes.

 貴志川駅 たま駅長
  It's a car even in Wakayama-city from nayama-farm, about 55 minutes.
  There is Kishigawa station in the middle in the nayama-farm and Wakayama-city.
  To Tama Stationmaster, it is a car and is about 30 minutes.

  Special cat of the economic effect of 1,100,000,000 yen of 2008.

Car  The shortest route

 関西国際空港 (Kansai International Airport)  →  名山農園 (NAYAMA-Farm)

 関西国際空港(Kansai International Airport)  →  Route 481  →  土丸  →  Route 62  →

 →  紀の川 IC  →  京奈和自動車道(KEINAWA EXPWY  Free EXPWY)  →

 →  かつらぎ西 IC  →  Route 480  →  Route 24  →  Route 480  →  名山農園
 関西国際空港            日根野        和歌山         笠田
 Kansai International Airport 
    Hineno        Wakayama       Kaseda

JR関空快速 ・ 天王寺行
JR Kansai International Airport High speed ・ Tennoji line
About 10 min

JR阪和線 快速 ・ 和歌山行
JR Hanwa Line High speed ・ Wakayama line
About 25 min

JR和歌山線 ・ 橋本行 or 五条行
                                   JR Wakayama Line ・ Hashimoto line or Gojou line
                                                 About 50 min

梅田            難波               橋本            笠田
Umeda          Namba            Hashimoto          Kaseda

御堂筋線 ・ 天王寺行 or なかもず行
Midosuji Line ・ Tennoji line or Nakamozu line
About 10 min

南海高野線 急行 ・高野下行 or 極楽橋行
Nankai Koya Line Express ・ Kouyasita line or Gokurakubashi line
About 50 min

JR和歌山線 ・ 和歌山行
                                          JR Wakayama Line ・ Wakayama line
                                                About 20 min
Kaseda Station




       JR笠田駅( JR Kaseda Station ) is a small station having one wicket.

           ←  The bus stop is only one, too.

 You leave the Station, and there is バス亭( Bus Stop )・タクシー( Taxi stand ) immediately.

 Bus course
         天野コース( Amano course ) ・ 新城・花園コース( Shinjo・Hanazono course ) → 名山農園

 バス亭( Bus Stop )・タクシー( Taxi stand ) → 名山農園 ・ 蟻通神社( Aritoshi Shrine )  Car about 4 min

 Please say to a Driver, I get off at the NAYAMA-Farm close to the Aritoshi Shrine.


 There is no toilet in our farm.
Please go to the toilet before coming to our farm.     I'm sorry.
 A well-equipped toilet
     ・ P.A.
     ・ 道の駅 ( Road Station )
     ・ Convenience store       etc...

  Attention ) During summer, the restroom(toilet) in a 7 ELEVEN near the farm is broken.
                             A restroom can't be used.
TEL  090−4903−2858

  ( It has gone to bed during a period at 10:00 night.  
(-.-)zzz )
FAX  0736−22−2508


 When you Reservation, please e-mail a schedule, a time zone, and the visitors-Number.

 Attention )

   My mail-system may not be able to do transmission and reception of e-mail in foreign countries.

When there is no reply of e-mail, please telephone from the Japan-hotel,Japan-airport.
please e-mail it via your stay hotel.

   I perform the reply of the e-mail at night.
   E-mail cannot reply in the daytime.

 Request )

   When you cancel it on the day of the reservation, please call me.
   「 Your name and Cancel 」 ← Tell me
Opening time  10:30 〜 18:00
Time  No time restriction        Time freedom        Please enjoy peach picking slowly.
Fixed holiday
 Vacationless during a period
Car parking
 The 8 cars OK   ( One large-sized sightseeing bus OK )        Parking for free
Remarks  Full reservation system

名 山 農 園

How to eat a delicious peach

 1. A peach cannot be immediately gone into a refrigerator !

     If bletting is carried out at normal temperature,
     flesh will become soft, and a sugar content goes up and it becomes delicious.

2. Every day, a peach is checked !

     If it becomes soft or begins to hurt, please put into a refrigerator and cool.

3. A refrigerator does not cool too much !

     About 3 hours think that they are right just.

Peach picking & All-you-can-eat

They are an organic fertilizer which it kept choosing,
and the peach of boast raised by choice agricultural

Please enjoy the seasonal taste. (^_^)/

This page was created using the translation site.
When language has mistaken for the text, please interpret well.


A peach will finish in mid-August.
Shortly after a peach finishes, Japanese Pear picking will start.

      Japanese Pear picking

NAYAMA-Farm is very popular of peach picking.
And Japanese Pear picking,too.

It was published with the newspaper and the informational magazine several times until now.

← This is a thing when published at a newspaper.

The comment and the photograph were good.

I am glad.  \(^_^)/ Banzai!

Like of this pear  ↑

If Fruits becomes large and a paper-bag is torn,
it will picking time ♪

 15 August 〜 20 September
Charge  Adult      1500 yen

 Child      1200 yen       ←  Service same as an adult
           500 yen       ←  All-you-can-eat           No picking

 Small child   No charge       ←  eat only
Contents  ・ Adult ・・・ 1-person can pick up Japanese-Pear    ←  Take Out

  Child  ・・・ 1-person can pick up
Japanese-Pear    ←  Take Out


 ・ All-you-can-eat

          *) Adult pear picking  → Shift →  Child pear picking  ・・・ OK

 A peach is referred to.
Opening time  10:30 〜 16:00
Fixed holiday
 Vacationless during a period
Remarks  Full reservation system
If you eat, sweet fruit juice will overflow into
your mouth.  (*^_^*)

Please enjoy the Japanese Pear of boast.

           ↑ Gold-peach   
              Harvest time is from about 5 August.

Contents are
golden when the peach-skin is stripped off.
Since the taste is sweet like a mango,
it is extremely popular to a woman.    

In the NAYAMA-Farm, the peach of ten or more kinds is
planted so that he can enjoy himself,
whenever the visitor may come for peach picking.
Air transport of fruit

 ○ … Japan-Airport → Hong Kong-Airport

 ○ … Japan-Airport → Singapore-airport

 ○ … Japan-Airport →  Thailand-airport

 × … Japan-Airport →    China-airport
The air-mail was arrived from Hong Kong.
This letter from the visitor of peach picking.
The reverse side of a photograph had a comment.

「 Peach picking was very enjoyed. 」
「 I wish you 元気(fine) and happy. 」

The first letter from a foreign country.

I am glad.  Yeahhh〜〜〜! (*^_^)/

2013 Summer
2014 Summer
Coverage in a Malaysian TV station (ASTORO) was received.
It seems to be the biggest satellite broadcasting TV in Malaysia.
Zizan Razak.
They seem to be very popular actor and comedian in Malaysia.

I was a youth of an agreeable impression very much.

Happily I debut in Malaysia.♪

I am glad.  v(^_^v)Malaysian TV Lucky(v^_^)v

2016 December
We were interviewed for the Japanese Pear picking in summer.
We were placed in the Hongkong Walker.

I am glad.   香港ウォーカー Good Job  (^_^) d
2016 Summer
We was interviewed for the 中國電視 ( China Television ) in Taiwan.

Her name is
The Japanese artist who is active in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia.

She talks with me in Japanese.
She talk by Pekingese? or Taiwanese? towards a camera.

I thought that it was Great and Professional to see it.

In addition , She was very beautiful, and attractive.

Celebration , I debut in Taiwan.

I am glad.   AISA ヽ(*^ ^*)ノ 超萌え

          ↑ 白鳳 ( White-phoenix )   
             Harvest time is from about 10 July.

The kind grown most in Japan.
It's easy to grow and it's big and good taste.